Senior Spotlight- Sophie Berger


Senior Student Spotlight winner is Sophie Berger!

Sophie is a senior at our West Clermont Highschool, she is outstanding acidemically and is athletic. Not to mention she has a great personality and, is perfect for the Senior Student Spotlight.


Sophie is apart of NHS, and has received the Principals of 3.75-4.0 GPA for 4 years straight! She also got an All Conference Academic Award for 9th, 10th and 11th grade (For every year she played Volleyball).

Sophie’s Favorites:

  • Favorite Class- Yearbook
  • Favorite Food- Pizza
  • Favorite Teacher- Mr Shelton or Ms. Reeves
  • Favorite Color- Army Green


When Sophie graduates she is going to miss the student section and tailgates more than anything and seeing her best friends, Gabby Boda and Hailey Stone everyday.


If Sophie could go back and change anything about high school she says that she would’ve been more careful about who she was friends with, and opened up to. We all would second that. She also thinks that the one thing the school could improve on would be communication.


After she graduates she plans to attend college for 12 years! All to follow her dream, and be a Dermatologist. Sophie Berger was the best pick for Senior Girl Spotlight!

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