Elon Musk Wants To Implant A Chip In Your Brain

We all know the multi-billionaire, Elon Musk. Elon Musk is a great businessman who owns one of the biggest car companies in the world. Tesla has made the most econ friendly and most advanced cars in the past 10 years. Elon has always wanted to innovate the world as we know it and make it better for everyone living on it.

He started with just electric cars, but now hes on to something bigger and better. Computer chips that will be inserted in your brain. He wants to insert a chip into your brain stem that is wirelessly connected to a computer behind your ear. He thinks that this new technology can help quadriplegics control computers and help them connect with the world.


It doesn’t stop at quadriplegics, Elon also suggests that this technology can be used for telepathy in the near future. It can send electronic signals to others with the chip and can communicate with each other.

Elon has tested on rats and chimps. He said the chips have worked in telecommunication within rats and even allowed a chimpanzee to control a computer in the lab. Elon said they can start human trials within the year, but they need verification from the US Food and Drug Administration.

If the US Food and Drug Administration verifies the trials on humans, Elon said that this can propel his SpaceX dreams and make it available for the US to send humans to Mars. Elon says that you could send messages just by thinking of them.


This would revolutionize the way the world works. If we can just send a message by thinking, imagine what else is possible. There are scares about the radioactive problems from putting the wireless chip in your brain. Some scientist has concerns about the radioactive waves being released from the chip, will have side effects on the human.

Elon said during the interview that he wants the chip to be able to send messages, control keyboards and mice, laptops, smartphones, and many more. This chip is a giant step in the future of science.

You would have to have brain surgery in order to get the chip in the first place. And with brain surgery, there is a big chance of getting brain damage or having other complications. Elon says the way to get around this issue, is by using surgical robots to implant the chip. He says with the robots, there could be a 99% accuracy with the surgery, diminishing the chance of brain damage.

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