Main Attractions In Cincinnati

Ohio is a very boring place usually. If you live in Ohio, you know how boring it can be at times. Good thing we have some pretty cool attractions in Cincinnati that you can do to have some fun. Here are some of the top attractions you can go to in Cincinnati.


Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens download.png

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens are one of the top zoos in the nation. There are over 500 species of animals and thousands of species of plants in the zoo. Tickets are only $16 for adults and $10 for kids.

The biggest attraction is during the spring and summer when all the “Zoo Babies” is 5-4-16+Ohio+Lion_midbeing born throughout the zoo. They always have baby Giraffes, Hippos, Lions, etc. The Zoo has many attractions within that are hands-on. They have feedings for certain animals and a little petting zoo with goats. There is also zoologist that carry around small animals to show and inform people on them and their habits.


   Cincinnati Museum Center

The Cincinnati Museum Center is a huge museum located downtown. It is connected to an old train station that you can ride for a small fee. The inside of the museum is split into three parts; History, Future, and Current.

The History section is all about the history of Cincinnati. It takes you through the wholeDino-Hall-Daspletosaurus-760x431history of the town and has replicas of important objects. The Future section is all revolved around science and cool kinetic machines. Everything in this section is futuristic and fun to play with. The Current section is based on what is happening in the past couple of years. This section gets updated every so often and stays up to date on events. There also is a Dinosaur and an Ancient Egypt sections that rotate around the time the artifacts get to the Museum.


       Newport Aquarium

If you like marine animals and maybe want to become a marine biologist in the future, the Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati is the place to go. It has hundreds of sea animals and species and fish that are different colors and sizes. They have a “hands-on” attraction area where you can pet stingrays, sea stars, and much

StingrayAerialView.jpgmore docile animals. The aquarium did a great job on the structure of the tanks and allows you to even crawl underneath the tanks and pop up in the middle of them. It’s a great place to take your kids and even adults to have fun. On Sundays, they have interactive shows, where they have scuba divers feed the animals and have marine biologists give interesting facts about the animals. The Newport Aquarium has a long walk-through tunnel, where giant sharks swim all around you. The Aquarium is one of the best places to visit in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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