President Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry – Student Questionnaire

Tyler Scholl (Junior, Republican)

What’s your opinion on Trump’s current impeachment inquiry?

Tyler Scholl said he feels like Trump made the phone calls to investigate Joe Biden’s son, but he doesn’t see what’s wrong with it. He says “Trump believed there was something illegal going on with Joe Biden’s son and they [the Democrats/ Nancy Pelosi] think there is a problem with that. There is nothing wrong with the president being able to investigate something illegal.”

Bel Nataren (Junior, Democrat)

What’s your opinion on Trump’s current impeachment inquiry?

Bel Nataren believes the process of impeachment towards President Trump needs to speed up due to the amount of valid reasoning they have to enact on it. She states, “I think this country is being made a complete fool of and looks like a joke through all of this. It [Trump’s impeachment] should have been done a long time ago.”

Gunnar Higgins (Junior, N/A)

What’s your opinion on Trump’s current impeachment inquiry?

Gunnar Higgins stated that he thinks Trump shouldn’t get impeached until there’s more evidence found against him. He says there’s just not enough information that Trump is actually trying to find out information about the democratic party and that people look for the smallest things and just twist the President’s words to make him look bad.

What’s your opinion on Trump’s current impeachment inquiry?

Aaron Coyle (no photo), a junior at West Clermont who has a strong Conservative point of view believes “the democrats are wasting their time on something they will clearly be unsuccessful at. They have tried everything they could including the Russia investigation, where nothing relevant turned up, they’ve tried everything they can to block him and yet they can’t. This entire impeachment thing is a waste of time, it’s been going on for 3-4 weeks now and nothing has happened and nothing will. Donald Trump did not abuse any power by simply asking Ukraine to investigate the Bidens.” Aaron continued with saying, “If the Democrats were smart they would turn their attention to the 2020 presidential race where you notice their competitors lack energy, and they are pure stupidity saying, “free stuff!” everywhere for everyone.” Aaron ends with the opinion that Donald Trump will not get impeached and will win in the 2020 presidential election.

Jamie Morris (Junior, Democrat)

What’s your opinion on Trump’s current impeachment inquiry?

Jamie Morris states she believes Trump should know his rights as the President of the United States. That he chose to abuse his powers as President and even though impeachment could possibly be pushing it, it shows his character and Trump should be held accountable. Jamie stated, “he abused his powers as our president to try to tamper with the election in his favor.”

Aidan Creager (Junior, Independent)

What’s your opinion on Trump’s current impeachment inquiry?

Aidan Creager states he doesn’t think his accusations are that serious because of the fact that only the Democratic party cares and it would be more legitimate if the Republicans actually cared.” He states that the Democrats have been trying to dig up dirt to get something on Trump and they’ve been doing everything they can just to get him out of office. He ends his response with, “we just need a Mexican president, like me.”

Blake Bauer (Junior, N/A)

What’s your opinion on Trump’s current impeachment inquiry?

Blake Bauer states, he thinks that impeaching Trump will put us into more chaos than we already are in. He says, “I believe people are not after his political stability but more after his character which should not be held above his action. People are after Trump for his personality and not his actual political actions”. Blake goes on saying, “In my opinion this is stupid because if a president can lead us into prosperity then his personality should not come before the American people themselves.”

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