Mormon Family Massacre

Monday, November 4th, an incident took place in the Northern, more violent region of Mexico. Nine members of a Mormon family; six children and their mothers, were attacked by gunmen who ambushed their families car. One of the families vehicles caught fire, killing a mother and her four children. Their bodies were burned so severely they were unrecognizable, and the others died from serious injuries. 8 other children survived the attack but some are still in critical condition. An older sibling took charge during the horrific situation and started to hide his younger siblings in bushes and under branches to keep them alive while he found help.  One boy was shot in the back, and a women was shot point blank in the chest and they are fighting for their lives. The family members had duel US/Mexican Citizenship, and were apart of a Mormon community.

NY Times

More than 200 bullet shells were found at the scene. And officials found that the bullets were from the US. The witnesses say they were just driving down the road when suddenly, a flood of bullets came raining down on top of one of three of their vehicles. Shots came from a hill or somewhere up above like an ambush. After the shooting the vehicle was set ablaze. The Mexico government is determined to find the killers and they believe that it has to have a connection with the Mexican drug cartel.


The Mormon family had a run on with the cartel and stood up to the cartels over friction they had about water rights. And apparently the women who was driving the ambushed car was an activist. according to their minister, “She was someone who was very active in her community, defending her family, her fellow members of the community against cartels on the issue of water rights.”

Now the remaining family is mourning the loss of their family members. Hundreds of people formed a line up a semi-desert mountain in Northern New Mexico. Many people hugged each other tight and are helping each other get through this horrible massacre. Family members told press the mothers of the children were fighters. And that they “-never once made a selfish decision”. And older brother of some of the children told press that “We go nowhere else because we cant!” and that ” The country can get out of this and arise!” The community is their for the family while they mourn and hope that this is a wake up call to bring the community together.

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Fox News

But some of the Mormon family is considering leaving. to protect their children. They do not want to risk any more deaths in their family.

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