Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star’s Palette

Conspriacy photo shoot -google

The first part of the new series is all about how Shane and Jeffree decided to make the pallet, when it will be made and what is it going to be about. The second part of the series is called “The Secrets of the Beauty World” he posted it on October 4, 2019. During the second video Shane and Jeffree are having business meetings. They start to figure out how they are going to release the palette and brainstorming the names of the colors, talking about the profit Shane will be getting. That then leads into how much money Shane has been getting for his merch. 

The third part is titled  “The Dangerous world of Jeffree Star” it was posted on October 11, 2019. The third part is mostly about how Shane and Jeffree are talking about the drama going on in Jeffree’s business while filming these videos, and the drama that Shane has gotten into since the start of this series. There is also talk of what type of drama will come into Shanes life after the palette drops. 

The fourth part is called “The $20 Million Dollar Deal with Jeffree Star.” It was posted on October 18, 2019. This part is all about how Jeffree and Shane will be working together on this palette, and finally getting the colors together. They decide on what the palette covers will look like and the names of the eyeshadows. There are two palettes, the Mini called “Mini Controversy”  and the big main palette called “Conspiracy”. 

Shane and Jeffree holding up the new palettes

The fifth part is called “ The failure of Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star.” It was released on October 28, 2019. The video shows how Shane and his fiance Ryland Adams are trying to get Rylands sister, Morgan Adams to feel more confident in herself. That is one big thing to Shane. He wants people to wear the products he is making and feel confident in them. The second half of the video is how they are putting the palette together, and some “tea” that was being spilled about Jeffree Star Cosmetics. They also show what samples they are getting for the cover of the makeup palettes, and the colors of the eye shadows on both palettes,and what they are going to look like and choosing the shape of the palettes. 

The sixth and final part of the series is called “ The Conspiracy Collection Reveal| Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson.” It was released on October 29, 2019. The final video is the full collection reveal. Jeffree and Shane show exactly what is going to be released in a few weeks. They show behind the scenes of the photoshoot, and give all the final details. 

On November 1st 2019 at 1p.m  Shane and Jeffree release the full collection. Everyone was able to order, or buy it in Morphe stores, online Morphe or even on Jeffree Star Cosmetics. So many people were waiting to buy the palette that websites crashed for 2 hours. When the website was put back up they palette sold out within 30 minutes.

The palette “Conspiracy” has 18 colors of eyeshadow. 

  1. The first color is called “Ranch”
  2. The second color is called “My pills”
  3. The third one is named “tanacon”
  4. The fourth one is named “Diet Cola”
  5. The fifth one is called “just a theory”
  6. The sixth one is named “spiraling”
  7. The seventh one is called “Conspiracy”
  8. The eighth is called “Pig-ment “
  9. The ninth is called “food videos”
  10. The tenth one is named “Trisha”
  11. The eleventh One is named “Cheese Dust”
  12. Twelfth is named flaming hot
  13. Thirteenth is named “what’s the tea”
  14. Fourteenth one is named “Diet Cola”
  15. The fifteenth is named “Not A Fact”
  16. The sixteenth one is name “Sleep paralysis”
  17. Seventeenth is named ILLUMINATEA”
  18. The eighteenth is name “My rides here”
Shane Dawson’s instagram story of his main palette

The Mini Palette is named “ Mini Controversy” there are 9 eyeshadows:

1.The first one is named “Flat Earth”

2. The second one is named “cry on my couch”

3. The third one is named “my boyfriends purse”

4. The fourth one is named “controversy

5. The fifth one is named “Diet Root Beer”

6. The sixth one is named “my apology”

7. The seventh one is named “exposed”

8The eighth one is named “Cancelled”

9. The ninth one is named “the simulation”

Shane reposted this on his instagram story of his mini palette

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