The Rich Helping Save the Planet

Some big changes are coming to the planet. It has been recently inferred that rich people could help save the planet from climate change. Now, that sounds like a big stretch but with the majority of rich people contributing to help pitch in and help save the planet, we might turn all these problems we’re having around. 

Most rich people are known for their crazy amounts of money they have. As well as all the amount of property they own and how they are able to travel the world so easily. But, that’s not the most important thing they own. What they have is bigger carbon footprints. What that means is when they do all their traveling, shopping and lounging around in their mansions, they are all keeping a carbon footprint. What they really should be doing instead of buying things they don’t really need is to help put this planet back together because the people in poverty are suffering. 

Now, there could be numerous definitions to define what living in poverty is. However, what comes to mind for most people is seeing someone holding up a sign on the side of the street, asking for money or seeing people sleeping on the side of the road with a backpack as their belongings. “Oxfam has estimated that the average carbon footprint of someone in the world’s richest 1% could be 175 times that of someone in the poorest 10%. Studies also show that the poor suffer the most from climate change.” (Stephanie Bailey, CNN) Why? When natural disasters hit the planet, poor people usually have nowhere to go when it happens and they are usually left stranded or sometimes killed because they have nothing to protect them from it.  

With that being said, if the wealthy were to contribute it would really help out a lot of people; including themselves. An example would be choosing to spend wisely on certain things. Instead of buying all these fancy cars like Maseratti’s, Porches, Range Rovers, etc…; they could be putting money into a car (like Tesla) that operates on only electrical power. That would help the planet a lot by cutting down on the usage of cars that operate on only fuel power. 

Another example would be, not investing all their money on their house. However, if they do choose to do that, they should “put solar panels on the roofs of their houses.” (Stephanie Bailey, CNN) By doing that, it would save them from having to pay an electric bill and it would conserve more energy. Instead of using electricity from electric poles and basically giving all your money to the government, they could be using solar panels that uses natural energy from the sun. The energy from the sun could be used to power many appliances in their mansions without the need of pressing a button. 

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