Guide to Sneaker Cleaning

With all the different types of shoes and materials you don’t always want to throw your shoes in the washer. Washing shoes in the washer can ruin them depending on the shoe and the material. This guide will teach you how to properly clean your shoes.

Yard Shoes 

If the shoes you’re wanting to wash are not that important to you and you don’t care if they get creased up you can put them in the washer without worrying. If you decide to wash your shoes , first Make sure there is no loose mud or anything that can come out easy on the outside of the shoe. If they are muddy first try using an outside hose or something like that before washing them. After you have done that take the laces out of your shoes so they don’t get caught anywhere in the washer or get ruined. As the website persil says “It’s a good idea to pop your shoes, and your laces inside a mesh laundry bag to protect them from becoming snagged on the inside of the drum.”

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