Guide to Sneaker Cleaning

Suede Shoes

If the shoes that need cleaning are more delicate like suede then you definitely don’t want to put them in the washer. For suede you definitely want to use a special brush made for the material because suede is sensitive and is easy to mess up. The biggest thing to learn about cleaning these shoes are not to use water. Suede is highly sensitive to water. Water can ruin the way your shoes look if you use it on suede.

Leather Shoes

If you’re shoes are any kind of leather or leather like material don’t be afraid to use water. Leather shoes do really good with water because the leather is somewhat water resistant. Now this does not mean wear your brand new shoes into a pool or the shower. You should use a damp cloth material and wipe away any dirt or scuffs.You don’t want to be too rough though because the leather is usually painted. This means if you’re too rough with the shoes the factory paint could come off and it wouldn’t look to good. If you want to give your shoes a nice shine then you can use about any kind of cleaner just make sure the cleaner doesn’t have strong chemicals like alcohol or bleach, this could lead to the paint coming off along with the dirt.


Shoe laces bring together a pair of shoes both literally and metaphorically. You always want a clean pair of laces because you will be seeing that part of your shoes every time you look down. You also want clean laces because thats where everyone else is looking also. Most laces are pretty simple you can wash them with soap or water in a sink. Using the washing machine is not a great idea though because they can get wrapped around the center part of your machine.If you have white laces though you might want to try a mix of bleach and water. A good way to do this is by using around a third of any container of bleach and fill the rest with water. Then what you want to do is let your white laces soak in the container for a few hours. If the tips of the laces are a different color then let those hang out of the side of the container. After the few hours you want to rinse your laces with water and let them air dry.

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