How to Stay Cozy and Cute

Sherpa outfit that;s ready for the cold

Sherpas have been a very popular item. They are so warm and fuzzy. They are cute to wear and can be worn with jeans or leggings. Sherpas can be worn alone in cooler weather like the 50’s, however you will need a coat if it gets bellow that. Sherpas are very comfy to wear, there are both pull over and jacket versions of a sherpa, both is which look adorable.

Super matching vest outift

Vests are a light way to bundle up. They can work well as insulation when your planning on going through the cold weather, but not be in it for too long. They do the same as a winter coast but focusing on the torso. When I say this I really mean it. They can go with absolutely anything. You can just put them over the outfit you chose for the day. Weather it’s jeans and a sweater or a tee and leggings.

Leather jacket outfit

Cute fuzzy jean jacket

Leather and Jeans jackets and give more of a grungy look. They’re perfect if you aren’t wanting to go for the big winter coat look, they won’t be as effective, but they will keep your warm. They can be put over anything. However I recommend not wearing long sleeves under jean jacket, since they look best rolled up.

A simple camel coat

Last but not least trench and camel coats. They are essentially the same thing, but camel coats are shorter. These can work as a winter coat and can be a cuter alternative. You can wear them when going out and about in the cold weather or could even just wear them to walk into your work or school. They give a very sophisticated look. You also won’t need to worry about breaking a zipper since they have buttons on them.

There really several other ways to look cute and stay warm. Pinterest is always a good way to find outfit ideas. If you don’t want to use that find a shirt you like and see if you have any cute pants or even skirts that match. Stay warm and make sure to dress appropriately for the weather.

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