Here’s Why Anti-Vaxxers are Wrong

(The Scientist, 2019)

Vaccine composition is another big reason why anti-vaxxers are so prominent. They have concerns that the mercury, formaldehyde, and aluminum in the vaccines cause long-term problems. This is, in fact, false because while they are toxic to the human body, only trace amounts are found in vaccines. According to the FDA and CDC, there is more formaldehyde produced in our metabolic system than there is in a single vaccine. As for aluminum, there are 10 to 100mg in your daily diet, while there are just 4.4mg of aluminum in an infants’ vaccines for six months. The amount of mercury in a vaccine is also so minimal that it is not toxic. There are about 50 micrograms of mercury per .5ml dose, while the average is .1 micrograms per kilogram of body weight daily. While it is a little high, most vaccines do not contain mercury anymore except for a few flu shots.

(Metro, 2019)

One of the largest claims from anti-vaxxers is that vaccines cause autism. However, this is false. In 1997, a study was posted by Andrew Wakefield, a British surgeon. This study was proven false a few years later due to large procedural errors ethical violations, and undisclosed financial conflicts. No studies since then have said that vaccines cause autism, but that hasn’t stopped hardcore anti-vaxxers from claiming this is true. Another large claim is that “Diseases had already begun to disappear before vaccines were introduced, because of better hygiene and sanitation”. While yes, hygiene and sanitation have helped to decrease disease, the reason some diseases like measles and polio are so uncommon is because of vaccines. Vaccines take up to ten years to be approved, with clinical testing taking up to seven of those. Vaccines have helped much more than hygiene or sanitation to decrease or eradicate diseases. These anti-vaxxers are bringing some almost-eradicated diseases like measles back to be a very prominent disease.

(CDC, 2013)0-

Thanks to these claims, anti-vaxxers are now in the top 10 global health threats. Sometimes, however, it is not always best to blame the anti-vaxxer. Some are heartbroken when their child is diagnosed with autism, and so they end up dealing with it by claiming the vaccines did it.

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