How to Prepare for Your Mid-Term Exams


Well, this is obvious but studying for exams is the best way to ensure you get an adequate grade in return. Teachers (sometimes professors) give study guides that point out everything that’ll be on their mid-term and can possibly even allow you to fill it out and study. To pass your mid-term, you’d have to know the information on those study guides, so STUDY. Some tips to studying include:

  • Changing the scenery, like going to a Starbucks with some friends
  • Listening to classical/calming music
  • Making and using flashcards
  • Finding and studying a Quizlet set that fits the topic
  • Making a Kahoot!
  • Studying/ making a study guide
  • Making practice tests and taking them

And those are just a few, there’s many more ways of studying to pass your exam.

Pay Attention During Review Days!!!

Most teachers and professors will (hopefully) spend a week or a couple days before mid-terms preparing their students for the test. This is one of the master keys to passing the exam (paying attention)! Teachers will go over material taught and learned over the course of the semester and bullet point the information questioned on the exam. A lot of times, they will also straight up tell you all the information on the exam and all you will have to do is retain and study it. So, PAY ATTENTION!!

Ask and Confirm Any Questions!!!

The best way to make sure you pass any and everything is to make sure you study and comprehend the correct material. So, if you have any questions regarding the material, ALWAYS ASK THE TEACHER. The teacher would be much happier re-teaching the information than watching you sit back and fail the exam. 

Don’t Procrastinate Your Studying!!!

If you’re a high school student, you will have over five different classes you’ll be taking a mid-term exam for. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE NIGHT BEFORE EXAM DAY TO STUDY! I know the temptation is real and there because pushing off studying each night and telling yourself, “I’ll do it tomorrow” might seem to work but it just doesn’t. Procrastination is a terrible habit many, many students face, and it causes them to wait until the last minute and cram hours of work into 20 minutes of studying. This is not even counted as studying because students don’t retain the information. So, begin your studying now and do not wait until the last minute. Please do yourself a favor and give you and your brain time to process the information (plus the night before is for allowing your brain and body to rest, it’s the least you could give them).

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