Poochies Place

If you are hungry for breakfast or lunch, Poochies is the pace to go. Poochies is located in the middle of Amelia. You can smell the goetta from the street. “Mary Ellen Johnson-O’Hara, better known as Poochie, is the owner of Poochie’s place located in Amelia. The restaurant has “been family owned and operated since 1980. Her father, Vick Johnson, built the building and Poochie learned firsthand how to run the family business.”- Clermontson 

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This Breakfast, brunch and lunch place serves about everything you crave on a nice sunny morning, or about any time. Here are the menus for breakfast and lunch. The restaurant is open from 6 AM- 2PM so make sure to get there in the morning!







I decide to go and try out some of this yummy food. My friends and I got some of the best choices. For Myself I got a blueberry pancakes. 


As you can see that the pancakes are absolutely fluffy big and delicious. They give you some butter and some hot syrup for the side. I decided to get only one pancake since they are the size of the plate. They have a lot of different 

things to cook in your pancakes. Blueberry, chocolate chips, Reese Cups, and confetti or plain. 


We decided to get some of the other food as well. We got the grilled cheese and added grilled ham on it. Probably the best grilled cheese I have had. The melted cheese with the salty ham fit perfectly together. There was plenty of sides to choose from and we decided on the onion rings. Definitely the best choice. The food came out very fast and a perfect temperature!

As soon as you walk into the restaurant you can feel the comfort in the air, from all the funny signs to the smiles of all employees. Poochies is always filled with its regulars but there is always room for new customers! Poochies is definitely a great place to eat and get to know very nice people! 

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