Rapha International

Rapha International is trying to raise awareness of human trafficking and how bad it is in different states, countries and wherever human trafficking is a huge problem. Rapha International is trying their best by saving one child at all times from all around the world from human trafficking. Stephanie Garman Freed is the CEO of Rapha International, Stephanie’s job is just trying to reassure the girls that they are so much more than they were treated. Also making sure everyone feels safe in the Rapha community.

This is one of the communities of the safe houses it was posted on Rapha.org

Rapha international is partnering with churches and companies all over the world. They are partnering with these communities to try and raise funds and Awareness for Rapha International. The partners to Rapha are helping out with saving a bunch of children each day from human trafficking. One big goal for Rapha international is having survivors being able to speak out about what was going on in the lines of human trafficking. The survivors in Rapha are able to speak freely about what they have been through. The survivors get to be with people who will never judge them because all of the children have been through the exact same thing. 

To take action and try to also raise awareness for Rapha international all you have to do is go to their website https://rapha.org and click on the take action tab and read all about what Rapha does, and how you can help to raise awareness. In Rapha International the survivors get to learn all about god’s word and that no matter whatever happened to them everyone still loves you. The survivors have their own education that the staff at Rapha house teach them. 

The survivors at Rapha International are part of Human trafficking due to maybe their parents selling them into sex slavery, or they are sold into human trafficking due to a huge debt that their parents cannot pay off so they sell their children at any age into human trafficking. Rapha International is trying to stop that from happening all around the world. 

this was posted on Rapha’s main website, it’s some of the survivors

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