Varsity girls basketball

Kaila Nutter: Varsity Girls Basketball

1. What do you expect out of this season? I expect a hardworking and fun last season for me and my fellow seniors. I think this team has a lot of hidden potential that I look forward to unleashing this season.

Kalia sent this to me

2. Who are you most excited about to play and why? I’m most excited to play Kings, I have a lot of friends from there and it’ll be our last time playing each other ever so I’m just excited to see them and play them again. Plus, it should be a really good game.

3. When is your first basketball game? November 26th

4. Do you and your team every hangout outside of the games and practices? Some of us our good friends and do, everyone and then we’ll have like a basketball get together but other than that not really. There are a lot of us and we are together a lot for basketball so it’s good to take breaks from each other.

She sent this to me

5. Does your team do any team bonding before your games?The days before home games we usually have team dinners and we also are doing bigs and littles this year to help connect the younger girls with the older girls.

6. How many times a week do you practice? We practice 6 days a week before games start, and then once games start we practice 4 days because the two days are replaced by games.

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