Klaus Netflix Movie Review

The new holiday English (some Sami speaking) movie , Klaus is Netflix’s first original animated movie for ages 6 and up. It was directed and produced by Sergio Pablos and is an hour and 38 minutes long. The movie was released November 8th of 2019, and had a budget of 40 million! out of almost 500 google rating the movie has an overall average rating of 4.9 stars. And on Rotten Tomato it was rated a 92% by tomato critiques and a 98% by the audience. Continue reading Klaus Netflix Movie Review

Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About Christmas

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Christmas is one of the largest holiday of the year for christians, it’s celebrated alongside Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other religion’s twist and reason for the holiday. Christmas is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. People decorate their houses with trees, lights, and the colors red and green. We tell our children that on the night before Christmas day Santa will deliver all the presents they want and will leave them under the tree to be found in the morning, this is due to the story of St. Nicholas. Around 280 A.D. he gave away much of his wealth to the poor and sick. He was well known for his kindness. He would travel around Europe and help anyone he could. The name “Santa Claus” came from his dutch name “Sinter Klass”, when America heard of the Dutch Morning St. Nicholas’ death. Now that you know more about the history of christmas, here are some things that you may have never heard.

No One Knows when Jesus Was Born

Although we celebrate Christmas on December 25th and claim that is was the day Christ was born, it is never stated in the Bible the exact date he was born. The date was decided by the Catholic Church, they wanted to celebrate His birth be having a feast which was made for December 25th. The date has just carried on through history.

Christmas Was Banned Twice

Christmas was banned in both England and the United States. In England, 1644, it was made illegal due to it causing partying, along with a mass amount of drinking. When English set out to find the “New Land”, the English brought this doubt of Christmas with them. Christmas was also banned in the America’s after settlement and wasn’t made a federal holiday until nearly 1870.
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Australian Bush Fires

Sadly we all heard about the tragic wildfires in California, but now across the world Australia is also burning. “Australia has suffered a devastating early bush fire season with fires across several states burning through hundreds of thousands of hectares and destroying hundreds of properties with the loss of six lives.”-(theguardian.com

In Australia they call these fires, “Bush Fires”. Bush Fires have caused so much damage to Australia for far too long. This year the fires started early. In Queensland 20 homes were lost so far. In Victoria winds were very high mixed with the heat wave they experienced on Thursday night caused a code red. The emergency services said it was the worst they have ever seen. 

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Top 3 BuzzFeed Unsolved Videos

If you love learning about true crime and learning about unsolved mysteries, then these videos are the best choice for you to watch. These videos are on Amazon Prime and on Buzzfeeds youtube channel. The two people who tell you about the unsolved crimes their names are Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara. Ryan and Shane sit down with evidence and show you pictures of the timeline the crimes has happened and how the crimes happen and they tell you theories about what people believe what actually happened backed up with evidence to prove the theories could have actually been an answer. 

Here are some of the most popular and interesting Buzzfeeds unsolved: 

  1. The Creepy Murder in Room 1046: This is Episode 6 season 2 on buzzfeed: True crime, This video is about a murder of Rolan T. Owen, that happened in a hotel room, but no one saw anyone come in or out of the hotel room. January 3 1935, The hotel maid Mary Soptic went to stop by his room to clean it but found his door to be locked from the inside, so she went into the room to see owen in his room and asked her to keep the door unlocked he had a visitor coming later so she did, then later that day she went back up to Owens room to see Owen sitting on his bed with barely any light coming and then he picked up the phone and was on the phone with someone saying ¨No I am not hungry¨ he said that a couple of times then he started asking her a bunch of questions about her job, then Mary left, then later that week the bellboy got a call saying that the phone in room 1046 has been unhooked from the wall for a very long time, so he goes to check on Roland and finds Roland laying in his bed with his head split open and that he was dead.  If you want to learn more click here  To continue reading more about these top crimes click page 2 below.

Hanukkah Traditions

The Holidays are upon us, and while most might be celebrating Christmas, there are quite a few that also celebrate Hanukkah. Hanukkah originated over 2,000 years ago around the same time Christmas began being celebrated. Unlike Christmas, however, it lasts eight days, and children would receive a gift each day. Hanukkah celebrates the Maccabee’s victory over the Syrian army. It also marks a miracle, where a day’s worth of oil allowed the menorah to light up for eight days in the rededicated Temple in Jerusalem. Followers of the Jewish religion also have many traditions celebrated during Hanukkah.

5 Underrated Christmas Movies

Ah, the Christmas season is upon us. What better way to celebrate than to snuggle up under a warm, cozy blanket on the couch with the family, a cup of hot cocoa or eggnog in hand, the sweet smell of a lit Yankee candle lingering overhead with a classic Christmas movie playing. Would you be caught watching the same movies over and over again, annually? Movies such as ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’, ‘Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer’, ‘Elf’, ‘ A Christmas Story’, ‘Home Alone’? Well, it’s time to break the chain. Spice it up this season with these 5 underrated Christmas movies.