The Big 10 Championship

The Buckeye defense seemed to pick itself up in the second half as well, Wisconsin length of touchdown runs decreased nearly 40 yards after halftime. They’re largest man Chase Young, who is also the Big 10’s defensive player of the year, has been struggling with being double and triple teamed during the past few games. He’s been making few played throughout each game, trying his best to break through the barriers opponents have been setting up for him. The championship was no exception. Young had more guys on him than any other player on the field. He was gone from an 11-game sack streak to a drought. Buckeye fans are hoping he can find a way around this.

For the offense of the Buckeyes quarter back Justin Fields ended the game with 299 passing yards after a slow start. He wasn’t the only one to make big numbers though. J.K. Dobbins scores a touched down and ended off rushing 172 yards.

Sadly this great comeback for the Buckeyes might not be able to keep them in the number one ranking in the play off. Especially regarding LSU having a great victory against Georgia, 13-0. However it will make many OSU fans happy that it could keep Clemson out of the top two. How ever I’m sure everybody who watched the games is wanting to know what coach Ryan Day said the the locker room during half time to wake these guys up.

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