Lori Loughlin College Scandal

The former star actor in Full House, Lori Loughlin has gotten herself in a predicament. She is allegedly accused of paying off college admissions to let her daughter get into the college of her choice. She has pled not guilty to all the accusations against her but the public is finding her out to be a liar. She continues to dig herself a hole because everyone knows that she had the money to bribe the school so she could go.

“Prosecutors have accused Ms. Loughlin and Mr. Giannulli of paying $500,000 to get their two daughters designated as recruits to the University of Southern California women’s crew team as a way to ensure their admission to the school” (Lori Loughlin Pleads Not Guilty to New College Admissions Scandal Charge). When the news broke, many people were angry because there could have been students that actually earned their way into the school, rather than paying someone off so their kids can get in there because they wanted to. Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade was devastated when she heard what her mother got into. She was very upset and was getting shamed for something she had no control over. 

Olivia decided that she wanted to take a break from social media due to all the criticism and hate from her fans. “Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade Giannulli reacted to rumors circulating about her life by addressing the media with a clear message: middle fingers up” (Georgantopoulos). That may have not been the appropriate way to react to what was going on because it just makes her more suspicious of what her mother had done. “ In recent days, multiple stories have cited unnamed sources claiming to have the inside scoop on Olivia Jade’s relationship with her mother, whether or not she’ll return to the University of Southern California, and what’s next in her career as an influencer” (Georgantopoulos)

Everyone knows Olivia from her mom obviously and her youtube channel. On her channel she does a lot of blogs about her life, make-up tutorials, and many other things. Her fans were devastated when they heard the rumors that were being spread about her. After taking a break from all her social media, she decided to get back on her youtube channel after 4 months and finally talk about what was going on with her situation about the whole college ordeal.

In the video, she explained that she wasn’t sure when she would come back to the youtube family. She also talked about how “there’s no point in me just talking for 10 minutes to the camera about how I wish I could say something when I really can’t, so I’m gonna leave it at that,” she said” (Olivia Jade Posts Fihst Instagram Selfie After Taking 4-Month Break Amid Lori Loughlin’s Scandal).


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