Cincinnati Building Collapse

As you might already know, there was a building that collapsed in downtown Cincinnati on November 25, 2019 on the corner of Fourth and Race streets. According to ENRMidwest, the building that collapsed killed one person. This unlucky person was name was Preston Todd Delph. Preston was 58 and still had a good amount of his life ahead of him. Preston was an employee of “Gateway Concrete”.

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The building that collapsed was under construction. Prestons body was missing for 30 hours before the fire departments search found him. Preston was checking the concrete to make sure it wasn’t seeping places it wasn’t supposed to when the floor above him collapsed according to (WCPO). The city manager Patrick Duhaney Put together a statement For the city council part of this statement read  “The heart of the City of Cincinnati goes out to the family and friends of the deceased, this is a sad day for our City. I cannot imagine the grief this family must go through.”

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ABC News

There was also three other workers that day who had to go to the hospital after the building collapsed (The Enquirer). The rescue teams arrived right before 12 PM. According the construction company, Turner Construction The incident started on the fourth floor wail concrete was being poured and the building then collapsed.

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