Top 3 BuzzFeed Unsolved Videos

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  1. The Terrifying Axeman of New Orleans: This is Episode 1 season 2 on Buzzfeed: True Crime, this video is about the multiple murders in New Orleans in 1918, the Axeman got his name from what he killed with which was axes, The Axeman would break into houses and kill Italian immigrants which was who he aimed to kill, they would be sleeping. The first people who were killed by the Axeman their names were Joseph Maggio and Catherine Maggio, they got their throats cut with a razor and their  Skulls fractured by their own Axe. One night the Axeman wrote a letter to all of the Orleanians saying that he will be hovering over the city and if he did not hear jazz music then whoever did not play jazz would be killed so the Orleanians all played jazz music on their record players, or they would go to jazz bands, so that night no one from New Orleans got killed. He was never caught and no one ever figured out who he was. If you want to learn more about this click here
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  1. The Shocking Florida Machete Murder: This is Episode 6 season 5 on BuzzFeed: True Crime, these murders took place in 1970, On January 23, 1974 a 56 old lady named Athaliah went to go and walk her bird, and when she went back to her house, she was encountered a man weilding a machete towards her, by the time the police arrived she was decapitative and was already dead, a couple of month later, Frances who claimed that the neighborhood was safe said that she was going to still go on a night walk,on November 3, 1974 Frances who went on a walk was found dead by a man who was walking his dog, not that many more murders happened in Florida after that, now their is a bunch of theories about who was the Machete Murderer. If you want to watch the videos click here
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