India is Selling Air

India’s air pollution rates have been drastically rising. Fear of having no fresh air when walking through the neighborhood, and streets of their homes has been worrying citizens. India’s Government has just declared a state of emergency due to an overload combination of pollution, construction debris, and other fumes. Since India’s Government isn’t taking any steps to help prevent, or at least slow down the pollution, their people may never again breathing in fresh air. To help with the crisis they are facing, a new franchise has opened. It’s brand new, they are called Indian Oxygen “Bars”! You pay around 4 dollars to inhale 15 minutes worth of air mixed with aromatherapy. Their air quality of India’s levels are 20 times more than the accepted deemed safe health care pollution is. So being able to have a way to breathe carelessly, might make some people feel a little relieved.Image result for india air bars

When entering the bar, you can easily see bright glowing lights and gadgets attached throughout the store. You will get an air tube and you will even choose a flavor of air you would like to breathe! the flavors are lemongrass, orange, cinnamon, spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus, & lavender. Then you’ll strap a tube to your nose and get to town! As strange as it sounds, the bar has actually been very popular. they went from 10-20 people coming in a day to 40-50 a day. Image result for india air barsAnd it will be more popular in the winter, because in the winter time when the winds die down the smog sits low by the ground making it even harder to breathe. They say the bar gives you a natural high. they aren’t used to breathing in air with that high concentrated oxygen (20%), so it makes them feel like their concentration is heightened instantly after breathing in the air. Some think it might be psychological but they don’t mind because it makes them feel better to know they are breathing in clean air, even if its 15 minutes.Related image

Despite the benefits, many are embarrassed for their community, and feel as if this is leading to an economy where only wealthy will be able to buy air, and the poor will be left to breathe in the polluted air. They believe that their government should step up, and do something about the crisis instead of ignoring it. The levels of poisonous particulate matter keeps rising throughout the month. School are being closed due to community wide public health emergencies, and the community is unhappy. hopefully they find a better solution soon.

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