Australian Bush Fires

Sadly we all heard about the tragic wildfires in California, but now across the world Australia is also burning. “Australia has suffered a devastating early bush fire season with fires across several states burning through hundreds of thousands of hectares and destroying hundreds of properties with the loss of six lives.”-(

In Australia they call these fires, “Bush Fires”. Bush Fires have caused so much damage to Australia for far too long. This year the fires started early. In Queensland 20 homes were lost so far. In Victoria winds were very high mixed with the heat wave they experienced on Thursday night caused a code red. The emergency services said it was the worst they have ever seen. 

They are saying a part of the fires is as big as Sydney Australia, that is way too big to put out. Firefighters are still trying to stop it but it will most likely just have to burn out on the most. Already six people have lost their lives and over 1,000 have lost their homes and land. “They’re pumping out vast amounts of smoke which is filling the air, turning the sky orange and even appearing like significant rain on our radars.”-( These fires are growing faster and faster as each day goes by. 

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The bush fires are not only affecting all the people near them but the entire wildlife of Australia. Especially a large population of Koalas. Hundreds of these bears are being killed, this is very bad considering they are not the biggest population. They might even end up on the endangered species list. The amount of colonies that have burned through have endangered a lot of wildlife. If the wind starts to pick up then it will only get worse. “They are terrified,” said Cheyne Flanagan, the clinical director of the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie, the only facility of its kind in the world. She added that what was happening to the koalas was “a national tragedy.”( There is a video on that website linked before this that will break your heart. 

The amount of smoke that is being produced is way too much that anything should be breathing in. Not only is there going to be a tremendous amount of damage, the health damage to anyone caught in these fires is going to be  very bad. This fire might end one day but the damage will last a very long time. 


To help out with these awful fires you can donate to think link.

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