Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About Christmas

What does WWII Have to do With Christmas?

A lot of people are already for Christmas right after Halloween, even stores and radio stations are decorating or playing music. What has made the Christmas season so long? It could just be the anticipation and excitement of the holiday or it could be a historical reason. This earliness could be due to World War II as crazy as it sounds. Families have to send a present to their loved ones fighting extremely early to make sure they get them in time for Christmas. This lasted for as long as the war and the timing just carried on from there

Coke Made Santa

The original santa was created in 1804 during a Historical Society meeting in New York. He wore colors such as green, blue and white before the 1930’s where Coke used him in ads and changed his outfit to match the brand. The ad got popular and the idea of Santa Claus wearing red became the norm. 

Eggnog Goes Way Back

The very first batch of eggnog ever made was made in Jamestown after it was settled by John Smith. Which is funny due to the ban of Christmas. It was made in 1607, and has been a Christmas classic ever since. Even if you like it or not.

There are surprisingly a lot of things we don’t know about one of the biggest and considered the most important, holiday of the year. More and more crazing things are happening on Christmas each year and history is made each time this time of year comes around.


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