Klaus Netflix Movie Review

The new holiday English (some Sami speaking) movie , Klaus is Netflix’s first original animated movie for ages 6 and up. It was directed and produced by Sergio Pablos and is an hour and 38 minutes long. The movie was released November 8th of 2019, and had a budget of 40 million! out of almost 500 google rating the movie has an overall average rating of 4.9 stars. And on Rotten Tomato it was rated a 92% by tomato critiques and a 98% by the audience.

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The movie is a holiday comedy story about the origin of the tale of Santa Clause. It takes place in a community on a small island Smeerensburg. The town people are full of resentment and hate towards one another. The founding families and ancestors of the town are engaged in a long war and it rings hatred through the town.  The main character is a young man who works for the post office named Jesper. He sort of carries himself with a “bratty” attitude. You can tell he is spoiled or childish. His father is very strict and is the manager of his job. His father punishes him by not letting him live his pampered life anymore, until he process 6,000 pieces of mail in a year. So when Jesper accidentally delivers a piece of mail from a child to the town hermit, and toy maker; Klaus. He tells Jesper to deliver a toy he made back to the boy. This triggers Jesper’s light bulb to come on! He comes up with a brilliant idea to have each children that writes Klaus get a toy in return. It brings outbursts of joy to the town and helps get Jesper the quota he needs for his fathers demands. And not to mention it starts friendships. Klaus and Jesper become great friends and have a strong bond. And Klaus is overwhelmed with happiness from giving to the children.

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Klaus is a outstanding twist to the idea of Santa. It makes you question and think about how he started and where he originated from. He shows you how everything came to be how it is in the Santa story today, like the deer and the sleigh and his outfit! The story also demonstrates friendship, bridge-building, giving to others. The writer was also trying to demonstrate its roots of the dying art of letter writing.

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In the end everyone is happier. The Sami people all work in Klaus’s work shop and Klaus finally feels like he has meaning and hope and he loves making the toys and giving them to children more than anything. Its a very sweet and thoughtful film. It brings much joy to anyone who watches it!

Overall rating: 5 Stars

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