2020 Election Candidates

  The possible candidates of 2020 presidency, and all of the information you need to know about them. So far we have 12 democratic runners, and 3 republican runners. Here below we will discuss the candidates main points/views and why they’re running.  Continue reading 2020 Election Candidates

10 places to visit in 2020

Some people New Years resolutions for 2020 is to travel and go see the world. Well here are 10 places in the United States to go see in 2020.

  1. Orcacoke, North Carolina – This destination is perfect if you would like to just sit and sun bathe at the beach all day. Ocracoke is an island you have to access by a ferry boat, has a promising scenery and relaxed vibes.

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Key cub

Key Club is an after school program for students who want to get service hours and want to help around the community. I interviewed one of the members of key club her name is Kimberely Cerecero and here is what she said:

1. What activities does Key club do?

“Key club helps the community as well as other parts of the world in community service and various activities in school and helps raise money for certain causes.”

2. How many meetings have you had for key club and what do you guys talk about during these meetings?

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“Key club has 2 meetings per month and we talk about new opportunities to help out and coordinate times with everyone’s schedule as well as events that are coming up.”

3. What is your favorite part of key club?

“My favorite part would be the feeling when you finish an activity and knowing you helped out even if it was small. The feeling of knowing you did something to help others leaves you feeling happy”. 

4. What has been your favorite thing you have done for Key Club?

“My favorite thing we’ve done so far would be making cookie jars for Eastgate village during the Thanksgiving season.”

5. What does Key Club mean to you? 

“Key club means helping others with nothing but happiness in return.”

6. Why did you join key club in the first place?

“I joined key club because I enjoy being able to help others as much as I can. I have done volunteer work every now and then before joining key club and helping out others has always been something I’ve been interested in.”

7. Biggest thing you think you have accomplished in key club?

“The biggest thing we have accomplished in key club would be making lots of blankets for a homeless shelter and donating them.”

8. How many students are in key club? 

“About 30-40 students joined key club”

9. How does Key Club affect you?

“Key club affects me by giving me a different perspective on everything. It makes me realize how blessed I am in all different aspects of my life and how I can use that to help others as well.”

10. Does Key club make you think of the community different?

“It makes me see the community different by showing how many people are kind and selfless. When we join together to help others it’s leaving an impact in other people’s lives.”

The Student Council of WCHS

The student council of WCHS is operated by a group of students, from freshman to seniors, all nominated and chosen, that represent their peers and organize events for the school. Student council focuses on making everyone’s high school experience the best it can possibly be.

Jack Hall is the Senior Class President of the student council. He has been involved in student council all of his high school career so I decided to ask him a few questions about the group.

Save The Earth

If every person on the planet contributed a little bit of effort to help keeping the environment clean, it would make the world a tremendously better place. Scientists have proven that humans use Earths resources fifty percent faster than it is replenished. This lead them to conclude that by the year 2030 (ten years from now), we technically will need two Earths to support our population and consumption. We also have destroyed numerous animal and plant lives and habitats. Every year between 18,000 and 55,000 species go extinct due to human activities.Image result for environment planet earth"

Us people are also naturally wasteful. On Average (especially the western society) we waste food, paper, packaging, old electronics, metals etc. U.S. industries generate almost 8 billion tons of waste each year. There is many issues coming in the short, and long run for our planet, but their is many ways you can help turn the environment around for the better.

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West Clermont Performing Arts

There are so many great things about our school at West Clermont. The Art programs at West Clermont are very important to the students and teachers. Not only do we have programs during  school, we have so many after-school programs as well. During school hours those include band, choir, dance and piano. During the whole the day, music is flowing through out the school. 

West Clermont’s Band is an outlet for a lot of students. I have been told that you make some of your best friends in band. The West Clermont band has been taught by Brain Fischer since the school opened in the summer of 2017. Among the Seniors that have been in band since the beginning, Sophie Jennings shared what being in West Clermont’s band means to her: “Band has shown me how to manage my time, be more organized and so many more things. I have learned to come out of my shell and become more extroverted. I used to be a very shy person, but band has taught me how to be myself around more people. All of my friend group has come from band, and I have made a family that I will forever appreciate. Our band director, Brian Fischer, has shown that he isn’t just here for the money. He is here to share his love of music with the students and teachers of West Clermont.” 

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