World War III

Iran announced that this will lead to the end of their nuclear deal and will no longer follow limitations, and claiming they will “weigh it up” according to Maas. The agreement is more important than ever.  This is very similar to the beginning of the first world war (the Great War), this time with more lethal weapons. Except the U.S. is taking the role of Germany if works out the same way. A vote will be in place to kick the troops out of Iraq. Threats between Trump and many Middle Eastern leaders have been going back and forth constantly. Threats of charges have been the most thrown around. 

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Both countries are preparing for anything to happen. The U.S. and Iran have been going back a forth with attacks for quite some time. It began with the killing of an American contractor and military men of the U.S. and Iraq in a missile attack. This was followed by the U.S. conducting airstrikes on facilities that were thought to hold the military group that were responsible for the killings. The Embassy was then attacked by protesters that were against the attack. Afterward the assassination of Soleimani was carried through. The Iranian attacks on oil rigs also riled up the U.S. There is so much that could happen due to this, it could be a full war or even just like the Cold War filled with threats thrown back and forth.

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