Houston Astros scandal and what is to come

The year was 2017 the Houston Astros just won the 2017 World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers but they didn’t know what the road ahead was going to be like. This all started when Mike Feirs who was on this Championship team who is now on the Oakland Athletics said that they were stealing signs during the World Series. “The Houston Astros sign stealing scandal refers to a series of incidents where members of the Houston Astros baseball organization stole signs of opposing teams through means against Major League Baseball’s (MLB) rules. The story was originally reported by journalists Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drelich in The Athletic.” Since the beginning of the investigation there have been 3 coaches have been released and 1 General Manager , Aj Hinch(2015-2019) the Head Coach during the World Series run Boston Red Sox Alex Cora (2018-2019) the bench coach of the Houston Astros and Left Fielder Carlos Beltran (2019-2020) who was the Head Coach of the New York Mets. When they went back to the tape they were banging on a trash can in their dugout and the number of times they hit it determined what pitch it was.

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