Is the tap water in Bangkok safe to drink?

Is the water in Bangkok bad for you? According to, Bangkok is a relatively safe and healthy place for visitors to travel to unlike many other less developed Asian cities. But this does not mean that the tap water is safe to drink, especially for visitors. The water is produced by the water authority in Bangkok and is perfectly drinkable when it leaves the plant, but after it will then travel through old, dirty, and broken pipes before it enters your tap.IMG_E9940

This is the reason it is unsafe to drink the contaminated water in Bangkok. If you ever happen to travel to  Bangkok you might happen to see the locals drinking tap water and thinking, “ Are you crazy?”. The locals have built up an immunity to the specific microbes in the Bangkok water that, us, as visitors do not have, so drinking the tap as a visitor is more likely to make you will then if you were a local. Your stomach will not be prepared for the foreign types of bacteria in the water, since they are different from the ones in the United States.

IMG_E9941You may wonder how would visitors stay hydrated when visiting if it is it safe to drink the tap water? Well according to, your best bet is to keep yourself hydrated by drinking bottled water rather than drinking tap water. Also, many apartments and high end hotels, guest houses, and hostels in Bangkok will have a filtration system and will have a card next to the sink to let you know that – that water is safe to drink. But bottled water is so cheap and more refreshing, most travelers tend to drink bottled water more so they don’t have to worry about getting a stomach bug that will ruin their trip and all their plans. In the end, there is little risk of becoming ill from indirect exposure to the water so showering and brushing your teeth is not going to hurt you, so please still do that!!

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