My Top five shoe drops of 2019

At the Number one spot for the best sneaker dropped this year is the Travis Scott retro 1. This shoe was designed by Travis scott in collaboration with Michael Jordan to create this one of a kind highly sought after pair of shoes. These are going for around $1000.

Image result for travis scott retro 1
Sneaker News

For my number two slot I have picked The yeezy 350v2. These shoes are made by Adidas and Kanye West. They have a more futuristic look so they take some getting used to. These shoes also come in a lot of different colorways. Some colorways were out before 2019 but there were a lot dropped in 2019. Most of these are around the $350-$500 range.

Image result for yeezy 350 on feet
Sneaker Freaker

For my third pick i have chosen the Bred 11s .These shoes are a jordan retro. The colorway is very old but, They redropped a new pair just a little bit ago in 2019.the 2019 version is going for around $300

SB Dunks are a shoe that used to be popular but then fell out of style. Recently though they have made a come back by collabing with other companies like Supreme And Parra. Giving the shoes a rise in popularity they have made the number 4 spot. Sb dunks range in price too much based on which colorway you want.

My last spot on this list is going to be the Infrared 6. This pair of shoes like the bred 11 has been out for a really long time but it also got remade and redropped this past year for people to buy .The 2019 version of these shoes goes for around $260.

These were my top 5 pics for 2019s shoes. All the pricing I used was based off of prices can change at any time.

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