The Bachelor Starts Again

The Bachelor is a Reality Show filled with drama, love and sometimes hate. The theme of the Bachelor is to have the guy finds the love of his life from picking through 30 girls. That he will meet and get to know them through dates and one on one time with all of the girls who either he finds interest in or if they win a date with him. The 24th season just came out on January 6, 2020.


 The new season is set in Agoura Hills, in the Bachelor Mansion. The Bachelor this season is Peter Weber, he is a 28 year old commercial pilot for Delta Air lines. There are 30 girls this season are: Victoria P, Victoria F, Tammy L, Sydney H, Shiann L, Savannah M, Sarah C, Natasha P, Mykenna D, Madison P, Lexi B, Kiarra N, Kelsey W, Kelley F, Jasmine N, Hannah Ann S, Deandre K, Alexa C, Alayah B, Payton M, Lauren J, Megan H, Maurissa G, Kylie R, Katrina B, Jenna S, Jade M, Eunice C, Avonlea E, Hannah B. There are two episodes out already for this season. 

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