The Bachelor Starts Again

The first episode was the girls getting introduced to Peter and them learning about each other. It was a 2 hour long episode that also had the first eliminations. First competitions to win a date and also Peter getting one big surprise. What was the big surprise? Well you should probably know the backstory about this one girl and Peter’s history together. It started on the show The Bachelorette on their  15th season which was the season Peter was on. Peter fell in love with this girl, and was the second-runner up to be picked by her, but she sent him home and picked the other boy. In the first episode there was one more limo. The last limo had the girl named Hannah Brown who broke his heart in The Bachelorette. All of the girls who know everything about them. The girls started to freak out because they were asking  if she was going to stay. But Hannah is not a contestant in The Bachelor she was just there to give him some confidence and hope for him. 

Hannah Brown and Peter on google

In the first episode Peter chooses a few girls to go out on the first group. Peter is a pilot and he wanted to see how the girls would do in a situation as his “copilots” so the girls went through a series of obstacles. The obstacles are the type of tests students go through when they are trying to become pilots. The group date was also a competition to see who will win the first separate date with Peter. The winner was Madison, the date they went on was going to Peter ́s parents house to their vow-renewal ceremony. After peter and Madison got back from the date all of the girls are starting to talk about the date and then the first happened of the season, the girls who get eliminated by not getting a rose from Peter. Lots of drama happened in the very first episode between Hannah Ann and Kelsey and they hate each other. 

In the second episode there was another group date with new girls and this date was a fashion show where the girls were being judged by famous people and if they won they got an entire new wardrobe and Hannah Ann was the winner of the competition. There was even more drama between Kelsey and Hannah but then this time Peter was involved even more and had to talk to them both separately.  

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The girls and Peter on google

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