WCHS Teacher Spotlight- Mrs. Schmidt

Mrs. Schmidt is a sophomore english teacher at West Clermont High School. She teaches English II and Act-Prep. I decided to interview her this week over last minute semester thoughts as well as going into the 2nd semester. Below are some of the questions I had asked.

Is this last week stressful? 

  • No, this last week has been good. The previous week was bad.

How do you feel about teachers giving students tests the last week of the semester? 

  • I am 100% all for it because I think it helps keep the students engaged the last week of the semester, it’s a good idea.

What kind of work do you usually give to students the last week of the semester?

  • I usually like to give something that allows students to gain credit, raise their grade, or allow students who are trying to raise their grade to passing.

Do students typically get lazy knowing it’s the last week?

  • Yes, or they become hyper and engaged where they start to look at any missing assignments they may find on Schoology. Usually, that’s the time where I get piles of missing work that students are frantically trying to turn in for full credit.

What assignments or discussion topics worked best when teaching something new?

  • I try to reach out to my students and find the connection in their lives. An example would be writing a paper on bullying (something they can relate to). I always try to figure out what I can use as my foundation so they will be able to work with it.

By changing the phone policy, has there been any change in work ethic compared to last year?

  • I think so, our students are responsive to our new policy, there isn’t as much push back when you ask them to put them away.

What’s your plan going into next semester?

  • My plan is to concentrate on the Air test and as for English II, I will been giving out multiple choice and short answer questions for review.

What are you doing to prepare for next semester? 

  •  I am trying to create a writing unit that is centered on bullying. First I would give students a choice to work in small groups to create and info-graph on bullying, then have them create a personal narrative and an argumentative piece on bullying.

Are you excited to begin next semester?

  • Yes, I like it because we touched on the basics for first semester and going into the next semester, I want to be able to improve on writing and comprehension.

What are you most excited about for next semester?

  • Seeing the confidence in my students when they sit down and take the air test. I like to see them find confidence and once they find it they will do well.

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