Armless Artist Robbed

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Micheal working on a piece

Micheal Davenport is a street artist in Athens, Georgia. He spends his time drawing the college team’s mascot, a bulldog. He isn’t any normal artist however. Micheal lost both of his arms when he was thirteen years old. While trying to lasso a rope to swing on, he missed and hooked a power line. He was electrocuted due to the rope conducting the power from the line. Two years later he found a love for art. He uses his mouth and many different types of markers such as sharpies and paint markers to create his pieces. The head football coach of the college is his biggest supporter. He told Micheal never to stop. The coach has bought many of his drawings.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as considerate. While taking a break from his work Micheal was robbed of his joy. His canvases, materials and donation money were stolen. He wasn’t sure what to do other than break down and cry. He replaced his materials and despite being taken advantage of, he went back to the same spot where the crime was committed.

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