Armless Artist Robbed

One of his finished pieces

While working in his bulldog drawings his beloved community came together to support him. However, his home community weren’t the only ones who had his back. The online community stepped up to help him too. A GoFundMe was set up. The account had overwhelmingly great success. One thousand dollars were raised each hour on the account. Each goal made was greatly exceeded. The latest goal was made to be $20,000. Over $24,000 have been raised for Micheal.

The thief has not been caught. An investigation has been out into place to find him. The car they owned had been confirmed and a $1000 reward will be granted to anyone who gives information leading to the criminals arrest. Micheal is very, very thankful and won’t have to worry about anything happening to him again. He is a legend in Athens and he is greatly loved by his community.


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