Key cub

Key Club is an after school program for students who want to get service hours and want to help around the community. I interviewed one of the members of key club her name is Kimberely Cerecero and here is what she said:

1. What activities does Key club do?

“Key club helps the community as well as other parts of the world in community service and various activities in school and helps raise money for certain causes.”

2. How many meetings have you had for key club and what do you guys talk about during these meetings?

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“Key club has 2 meetings per month and we talk about new opportunities to help out and coordinate times with everyone’s schedule as well as events that are coming up.”

3. What is your favorite part of key club?

“My favorite part would be the feeling when you finish an activity and knowing you helped out even if it was small. The feeling of knowing you did something to help others leaves you feeling happy”. 

4. What has been your favorite thing you have done for Key Club?

“My favorite thing we’ve done so far would be making cookie jars for Eastgate village during the Thanksgiving season.”

5. What does Key Club mean to you? 

“Key club means helping others with nothing but happiness in return.”

6. Why did you join key club in the first place?

“I joined key club because I enjoy being able to help others as much as I can. I have done volunteer work every now and then before joining key club and helping out others has always been something I’ve been interested in.”

7. Biggest thing you think you have accomplished in key club?

“The biggest thing we have accomplished in key club would be making lots of blankets for a homeless shelter and donating them.”

8. How many students are in key club? 

“About 30-40 students joined key club”

9. How does Key Club affect you?

“Key club affects me by giving me a different perspective on everything. It makes me realize how blessed I am in all different aspects of my life and how I can use that to help others as well.”

10. Does Key club make you think of the community different?

“It makes me see the community different by showing how many people are kind and selfless. When we join together to help others it’s leaving an impact in other people’s lives.”

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