MLB HAll of fame inductees

This Years Hall of Fame had only 2 players in their class and those 2 players were Derek Jeter from the New York Yankees and Larry Walker from The Colorado Rockies, St. Louis Cardinals and the Montreal Expos. Derek Jeter got in with an almost unanimous decision where he ended with a 99.7% of votes in his first year on the ballot. Larry Walker in his on his final time on the ballot with a 76.6% of votes into the Hall of Fame. Here is more on their career.

Larry Walker was Walker, meanwhile, made it in by just six votes, appearing on 76.6 percent of ballots cast. The former Expos, Rockies and Cardinals right fielder had to sweat the process every step of the way but ultimately achieved the ecstasy of entry and is just the second Canadian-born player — joining pitcher Ferguson Jenkins — and the first player to have ever worn a Rockies jersey to reach the Hall. He’s also just the seventh player to get in on his final BBWAA ballot. ” Larry Walker spent his career with Montreal Expos which is currently no longer a baseball team which is now the Washington Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals, and The Colorado Rockies. Walker’s plaque will have him wearing his Rockies hat as his picture on his plaque.

Derek Jeter was “A 14-time All-Star, 1996 AL Rookie of the Year and five-time World Series winner with 3,465 career hits (sixth all-time), he left no doubt about his place in this process, and the groundbreaking unanimity achieved by Rivera last year — as well as the ballot bottleneck cleared by 20 BBWAA inductees in the previous six rounds of voting — opened the way for Jeter, who is now CEO of the Marlins, to possibly be the first position player to achieve absolute agreement from the writers.” Derek Jeter spent his whole career with the New York Yankees where he played 20 seasons with the team he would get the nickname Mr.November during his time with the Yankees. He will be wearing his Yankee uniform on his HOF plaque.

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