The Student Council of WCHS

Jack Hall (left) and Alexis Greene (right)

Tily – What’s your favorite part of student council at West Clermont? “I’m going to be honest, switching to West Clermont from Glen Este was really hard for me because I loved Glen Este a lot. But, my favorite part about being in STUCO is that we get to make everyone’s day a little brighter, we get to make memories that will last people forever.” Hall then gives examples of events hosted by STUCO like dances, prep-rallys, and spirit week. 

Tily – In your opinion, what’s the most important thing student council has done for West Clermont High School? “Well, last year I got the homecoming parade started and while it’s not quite as big as I would like it to be, I had a goal for my senior year to get it [the homecoming parade floats] onto the street because these past few years they’ve been a “parking lot parade”. Kind of getting that tradition established and setting the underclass student council members up for more successful parades in the future is really cool.” Hall explains that he believes student council has started a tradition that will continue grow throughout the years of West Clermont.  

Tily – From your mention of underclassmen, what’s a goal you have for the future members of student council? “That’s a really good question, a lot about student council is not only giving back to the school but giving back to the community and this year we did Seniors to Seniors, which has been an annual tradition for a really long time where at Christmas time all the student council seniors go and spend the day at nursing homes talking to elderly people. It was actually really cool.” Jack continues with, “So, really I’d like for them to give back to the community more because that’s something we’ve really been working towards and getting a lot better at.” According to Hall, student council also held the Giving Tree at Target this year. 

Jack Hall

Tily – What are some values student council members demonstrate to the student body?Leadership is one of them. School spirit also has a lot to do with it and just making the school experience a lot more enjoyable for everybody.

Tily – What makes student council special and different from the other clubs of West Clermont? “You get to become involved in what happens here. Like you get a say in things that not a lot of other students would. Things like picking the theme for homecoming or figuring out the DJ at different events.”

Tily – What pushed you to join STUCO?So this is actually a really long story. I got involved in student council when I was in the seventh grade because my sister was a senior at Glen Este that year and we got out 15 minutes after the high school and she never wanted to wait for me to bring me home. So, our neighbor across the street, her name was Lindsey and also a senior, would offer to take me home. But, on Wednesday’s she had student council meetings and so she had said ‘I can take you home, you just have to go to those meetings with me’ and I would go and just sit and observe and I really liked it. The next year when I was in the eighth grade I joined the middle school’s student council. The year after that I applied for the high school’s student council as a representative and I just worked my way up. Now I’m class president and it’s been really rewarding and I’m glad that my sister didn’t want to take me home from school or I wouldn’t of gotten involved.”

Ashley Dale (left) and Jack Hall (right)

Tily – What is one thing student council does that best improves West Clermont? “I know that high school can be hard for a lot of people and especially at our school, concerning the unique situation we’re in, like the new school. So even if we only make a lasting memory for one student, I think that’s still a win because those people will remember the quirky theme at homecoming and look at old photos and think back. 

Tily – Does student council have any upcoming ideas or projects not disclosed to the student body yet? “We’re always doing something, whether it’s a student activity or a canned food drive. But, I think after this dance [West Clermont High School’s Light Out Dance] the next student event will be the Clash of the Classes in the spring. It will be even bigger and better than last year. Last year’s was really fun and we had a really good turnout. I’m hoping for this year we do even better. 

From this interview with Senior Class President, Jack Hall, it’s obvious that student council not only does a lot for West Clermont but the community as a whole. It serves as powerful leadership roles for fellow students and gives the student body a voice. Student council is an immaculate club that West Clermont is very proud to have.

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