West Clermont Performing Arts

There are so many great things about our school at West Clermont. The Art programs at West Clermont are very important to the students and teachers. Not only do we have programs during  school, we have so many after-school programs as well. During school hours those include band, choir, dance and piano. During the whole the day, music is flowing through out the school. 

West Clermont’s Band is an outlet for a lot of students. I have been told that you make some of your best friends in band. The West Clermont band has been taught by Brain Fischer since the school opened in the summer of 2017. Among the Seniors that have been in band since the beginning, Sophie Jennings shared what being in West Clermont’s band means to her: “Band has shown me how to manage my time, be more organized and so many more things. I have learned to come out of my shell and become more extroverted. I used to be a very shy person, but band has taught me how to be myself around more people. All of my friend group has come from band, and I have made a family that I will forever appreciate. Our band director, Brian Fischer, has shown that he isn’t just here for the money. He is here to share his love of music with the students and teachers of West Clermont.” 

Marching band:sophies instagram

Being involved in things like band can bring you so much closer to your peers, too. Sophie adds, “I have met so many people through the love of band, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.” There are many people who agree with that statement. Band has seemed to lead some students into the right direction career wise. Sophie said, “I have decided that I am going into Elementary Music Education. All of the band directors at West Clermont have helped me blossom into the musician that I am today. They have helped me find my dream career that I never thought I would go into. I know that I am not the only one that is going into music education, and that is because of Mr. Fischer specifically.” Sam Gould, also a senior, said, “Our band director Brian Fischer has helped me find my purpose in life, and that is pursuing a career in music education. Without this program I probably would not of found my passion and love for music.” 

pep band: Sams instagram

Music is the best way to express yourself, West Clermont needs that for their students to express themselves. Piano is another great class West Clermont offers. Lily Wilfert is a Senior and took all 3 years of Piano that West Clermont offers. I asked Lily if she enjoyed the class, she said, “ I loved the experience and how helpful and positive teachers were. I loved getting the chance to showcase my abilities on stage to family and friends.” 

Just like most music, piano can help you relax and relieve stress. Lily said, “On my free time, i’ll go and practice new songs’ or work on perfecting a song I’ve been playing. I can also help teach my younger siblings how to play.” Lily definitely would recommend piano to anyone, she loves the teacher Mrs.Deckert. 

Audreys instagram

Next we have West Clermont’s dance classes.  The dance class is a great class to get all types of people. Not only is it a physical way to express yourself, it also gets you in great shape. Audrey Czerwinski, a Junior at WCHS, expressed how much she loves dance at West Clermont. “What I love most about dancing at our school is truly the environment. We all are a big family and love to be with each other. Everyone gets an opportunity to express themselves and be free,” said Audrey. Just as expected, being in dance helps you meet people you would never meet before. Audrey even said she has made some of her best friends in dance. When I asked Audrey about if that class was ever taken away for the future Wolves, and this was her response: “I would be extremely devastated if dance was taken away. So many people don’t get the experience to dance because it’s too expensive. But dance at our school gives a learning opportunity to so many.”

Audreys Instagram

West Clermont also has many choir classes and groups. When I asked Chloe Taylor what she loved about choir with West Clermont she shared so much that she loved. Here is her response: “ I love how many kinds frm choir we have, because it gives me diverse knowledge and experience. I’m in Advanced Concert Choir which is a lot like people normally think of when they hear the word choir. It’s classical, so we are learning very healthy technique. I’ve learned how to sing operatically in there, which is something I never imagined I could do. I’m also in Alpha, our acapella group. This is my favorite choir. It makes me feel so good when we get to a performance that we all worked so hard for. It literally makes me feel like I’m in pitch perfect! We have a winter camp where we stay in cabins for three days together. We cram tons of music, so it’s stressful, but they also give us time to goof off together. It’s also in a place without cell service so it’s like such a good weekend to decompress and be surrounded by nature (it’s super pretty there). Sonority is the third choir I’m in. It’s a vocal jazz group, so we are learning super complex harmonies and perform with a live professional band .” As you can see, choir is a very important part of West Clermont. Being in choir has led Chloe to make some of her best friends. She has also formed two bands with kids from choir just for fun.  

Chloes instagram

I asked Chloe about how she would feel if choir at WC would taken away and this was her response: “ I think we’ve come so far as a program because of Mr. Baley’s hard work. If choir gets taken away, there’s gonna be a lot of people without an hour they look forward to in school. I think a lot of people will feel like school is pointless without it.” 

As you can see, many many students at West Clermont are very invested in all the performing arts. And the performing arts classes and groups bring so much our school and bring many people together that gives people the opportunity to get involved in the school.

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