I decided to interview a fellow student at WCHS that is involved in the HOSA program. HOSA is Future Health Professionals who compete at regional and state competitions in Ohio. I decided to interview Lily Wilfert, a senior at West Clermont High School. Lily competes with Physical Therapy in the HOSA program. She plans on going to Ohio University and will there double major in Pre-Physical Therapy and Athletic Training. 

Lily Wilfert:

  1. What is HOSA? 

-HOSA is the Future Health Professionals for students interested in the medical field.

2. What kind of things does HOSA do?

-In HOSA we learn a little bit of everything including things like anatomy, forensics, medical innovations and interventions. Every week before competition we have HOSA Friday and we prepare and study for the upcoming competition. 

3. Do they have competitions?

-Yes, we have three levels of competition: regional, state and international. At the competitions we go and compete against other schools like Mason, Live Oaks Lakota..etc. 

4. Do you get to travel for competitions?

-We do get to travel for competitions. Regionals is normally at Great Oaks, State is at the Colombus Convention Center and Internationals changes every year, this year it is in Houston, Texas. 

5. Do you have to be interested in the medical field to be in HOSA?

-To be in HOSA, you have to take the biomedical science courses at the high school, they are taught by a Great Oaks teacher. 

6. How long have you been in it?

-This will be my second year competing in HOSA.

7. Do you enjoy being in it?

-I do enjoy being in HOSA a lot, it’s really fun. 

8. Do you become close with the people in it?

-I have become close with all my fellow competitors .

9. Do you have to take specific classes in order to be in HOSA?

-Yes, you have to take biomedical sciences courses at the highschool starting either your freshman or sophomore year.

10. How would you feel if HOSA wasn’t here for the next year?

-If HOSA wasn’t here next year, it would have a negative impact on the current students in it. HOSA is a great opportunity for any student interested in the medical field. Competition also awards students scholarships and it gives us recognition to our school.

11. Would you miss it?

-I would absolutely miss HOSA. 

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