Women of Super Bowl 54

Demi Lovato

Demi singing the Nation Anthem at the game

Demi had a stunning performance singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. What makes this special is that 18 months ago she nearly died due to an overdose where Narcan saved her life. This was a relapse that occurred only a month after her single, “Sober”. On Sunday she sounded and looked incredible. She spent 60 days in rehab and therapy after her incident. She looked very healthy and happy. She kept singing the song simple and sweet. She didn’t drag it out and just sang the song with its original beauty.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez

Shakira and Jay-Lo at the end of their show

After years of not being in the stage lights, Shakira and Jennifer put on a killer halftime show. They definitely never forgot how to put on the show. The show was very upbeat and had the crowd in the stadium excited. However, the girls are getting a lot of controversy. Some say it was too inappropriate with the dances and shots. Regardless they had a stellar performance and made it really entertaining to watch. Both of their songs are catchy and fun to dance to, they made a good pair. The halftime show was meant to be Miami themed. They really did a good job of representing it, especially with the fact that they chose two powerful Latina women to perform. They truly are ageless.

Overall, Super Bowl 54 was a good one to watch. It was competitive and had entertaining performances. However, the Super Bowl isn’t all about the game. Sometimes is takes a little more than just the players to make it entertaining. From Katie coaching the game, Demi starting it off and Shakira and Jay-Lo having a great halftime, it seems that Super Bowl 54 was a ladies’ game.

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