3 main Sports Trading Card Companies

“In 1951, Topps produced its first baseball cards in two different sets known today as Red Backs and Blue Backs. … Topps changed its approach in 1952, this time creating a much larger (407 total) set of baseball cards and packaging them with its signature product, bubble gum.” Topps has been around for 82 years and has made 7 different sets of their product which are Factory Sets, Tiffany Sets, Bowman, Stadium Club, Topps Finest, Topps Heritage, Bowman Heritage, Allen & Ginter. The most expensive card is the Honus Wagner card that is worth 3.12 million dollars.  Today’s Topps Baseball Cards are “Topps pairs the beloved 1953 Topps Baseball design with the incredible hand drawn artwork of artist Mayumi Seto to create one of the industries most exciting products in recent years.” The most expensive topp box today is Topps Dynasty coming it $359.99 https://www.topps.com/history

Upper Deck is a more of a collectible type sports website for sports memorabilia but they are known for the quality of their products. “That was the drive and motivation behind a little start-up company that realized the need for better quality trading cards back in 1989. When the first Upper Deck cards were released later that year, it was clear that the company had done just that.” Upper Deck has been around for 25 years and the authentication process goes through 5 stages. The most expensive item is a Michael Jordan 1996-1997 Jersey with the NBA Finals Patch.


“Panini is an Italian company headquartered in Modena, Italy, named after the Panini brothers who founded it in 1961. The company produces books, comics, magazines, stickers, trading cards and other items through its collectibles and publishing subsidiaries.”  Panini specializes in Football, Basketball and Soccer cards but not in Baseball cards. The Panini Group also bought the Donruss group in 2009 they started making baseball cards in the 1950’s. The most expensive item the Patrick Mahomes 2017 Panini National Treasures Patrick Mahomes RC Auto Patch /99. 

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