Bellevue Park is the Perfect Place for a Valentine’s Date

Bellevue Park is located off Ohio Avenue in Clifton Heights. The park sits right above Over The Rhine and is not hard to get to. It is a top one of the many hills throughout the city, which allows the amazing view over the city. The park offers benches right atop Bellevue Cliff, (the cliff in front of the hill), providing a great place to relax with your significant other. The benches sit right at the edge of the pavilion which is known as the Daniel J. Ransohoff Overlook of Cincinnati. There is also plenty of grass space or picnic tables to have a picnic date. The park also houses a popular pavilion, designed by R. Carl Freund in 1955 to serve as a dancing venue. The venue was repurposed a few decades later to form the parks pavilion. The pavilion itself features a cantilever roof, a bandstand, and the three pergolas that form the pavilion’s classic concrete canopy look. If you prefer a more lively date, music can be played under the pavilion to relive the classic Bellevue Park experience. Overall, the park is a great place to hang out and view the great city of Cincinnati after a nice date night. It is a great place to relax with your Valentine, have fun!

Images from: myself, onlyinyourstate.comBrad DiemerBear8Photo, and StarryEyesTravel

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