Valentines – Creative gifts

Getting gifts for that special someone is hard when you don’t want to get them the same boring red flowers and the milk chocolates that are shaped like a heart. If you want to spice up Valentines day and get something that is creative and interesting this is the place to be!

Rose Bear– These are cute and can be bought for anyone. The rose bear is made up of 20 artificial rose flowers. It is a unique gift that is elegant and fascinating. The bears come in a bunch of different colors and cost around $70.

Sweet RetroViewer- This gift is definitely one of the most creative gifts. Much like the real viewers made in 1939 these ones don’t display comics they display pictures of you and your special someone. You simply send pictures to the company and they make a special reel out of it. After they send it to you along with the actual real viewer.

Exploding Photo Boxes– This is a very trendy gift. This is one of those cute Pinterst gifts. It is basically a box that has small cuts on the sides so when you pull the lid off the sides fall and show pictures of you and your loved one. After you open the first top another one is under it until you aren’t able to open it anymore. You can also make it but it would be easier to buy.

Succulent Valentines– This is a cute way to show that Valentines would “succ” without them. Okay but really this is a cute gift that almost anyone would love. A succulent is a small cacti, succulents aren’t always spiky you can always get a jade plant.

Love Viles- This is a fun and cute way to present that boring looking candy. You can put M&Ms, Skittles or basically any small candy you can get your hands on. Candy is always the way to go when you are trying to get something last minute but this way it will make it seem cuter and not like you just spent 5 mins. running around your nearest store for something to get.

Candy Boxes– This is just a box filled with your loved ones favorite candy and if they don’t like candy you can simply fill it with whatever you want. This is a simple yet cute way to style your candy much like the candy viles this is easy to put together.

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