Valentine’s Day Stats

For 2020 alone, the projected amount of money spent for Valentine’s Day in America is $27.4 billion. That’s close to $200 per person. If you ask me, that’s pretty insane. The average couple spends a little over $100 for a dinner night out, and the couples that do go out are projected to spend $4.3 billion overall. The most popular types of restaurants for Valentine’s Day are Italian restaurants, which rake in about 17% of Valentine’s Day couples, while French and Seafood restaurants take in 13% of couples. Men averagely spend 3 times the amount of money as women on Valentine’s Day compared to women. About $9.5 billion is spent on unwanted gifts. The average amount of money a husband spends on his wife for the holiday is about $360, which is roughly 74% more than the wife.

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Chocolate and candy companies make huge money for Valentine’s Day as well. $2.4 billion is spent on candy. 22% of people want to receive chocolate for Valentine’s Day. $5.8 billion is spent on jewelry, and 30% of annual flower sales are made on Valentine’s Day, with an average spending of $2.3 billion for flowers. The 6 least desired Valentine’s Day gifts are tools, gym memberships, sporting equipment, kitchen appliances, stuffed animals, and mixtapes.

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45% of people don’t plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 53% of women state that they would break up with their significant other if they were to receive nothing on Valentine’s Day. 50% of those who are single are proud of their relationship status. 15% of people buy themselves a gift on Valentine’s Day. An average of $12 per person is spent on their pets on Valentine’s Day.

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9 million proposals are made on Valentine’s Day. Over 1 million Facebook users change their relationship status within 4 days after Valentine’s Day. There are over 1,500 dating apps, with over 59 million Americans that use dating apps. 22% of married couples admit to have met their significant other off of an online dating app. Both Tinder and have a 20% increase in users during and the following days after Valentine’s Day.

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Finally, the Valentine’s Day cards. There are $2 billion spent on gift cards for Valentine’s Day, while there are $1.3 billion spent annually on greeting cards. This year, Hallmark is offering over 1,200 unique types of cards for Valentine’s Day

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