What Stresses teens out/ and How teens deal with stress

We are all in high school or were in high school one time in life. School, life, and working can put so much stress on a student. Stress levels have increased greatly in recent years, and people are wondering how to cope. I am here to tell you why stress has risen and how students are dealing with the stress in their lives. 

According to studies, stress has risen 44 percent in the last five years due to worries about money, work, school and anything that deals with the economy. Stress is taking a toll on kids due to school. Almost a third of children have reported that they have experienced physical health symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches, trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Parents claim that their stress has no impact on their children or that their stress is affecting their kids, but their stress does affect their kids some of the time. Only 14 percent  of kids claim that their parents’ stress doesn’t affect them or impact them. 


Recent studies show that students in high school experience more stress during the school week and prefer to release their stress during the weekends by hanging with friends or family or by being alone and just thinking about what they should do to help themselves at school or work. When students are stressed they tend not to eat and they do not sleep. Also they are more shut off from their friends and family and talk less. Teens deal with a lot of stress and they do have some ways to deal with stress. 

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