What Stresses teens out/ and How teens deal with stress

According to recent studies, here are some ways to cut down your stress. One way to die down your stress is having more of a healthy diet. For example, eating fruits, drinking water, having protein or having vitamin C can help. The fruits that help with stress the most are grapefruits and oranges.  Exercising helps with stress too because when your body is moving a lot while exercising it puts endorphins in your body that make you feel happier. Another way to help with stress is meditating. Meditating helps with stress because it brings you peace and quiet and makes you sit down and think. Listening to happy music also helps with stress management and it can help you stay in a good mood. 


According to recent studies, an important way that helps teens release stress is talking about their emotions. Students who have lots of stress and anxiety usually keep their emotions bottled up and don´t talk about them with a friend or a trusted family member. This is bad for stress and anxiety because when students don’t talk about their feelings it can just add more stress onto them and make them feel depressed or sad. 

So if you ever feel stressed or anxious, then talk about the way you feel to your family, friends or a trusted adult and, use these proven ways to help you release stress. 

Websites that were used: https://www.aacap.org/AACAP/Families_and_Youth/Facts_for_Families/FFF-Guide/Helping-Teenagers-With-Stress-066.aspx https://www.apa.org/monitor/2011/01/stressed-america

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