Wilder vs fury 2 recap

Before the ring walk began they honored 3 boxers Mike Tyson,Evan Holyfield and Lennox Lewis were honored before both boxers entered the ring. The ring walk is where fighters come in to strike fear into their opponets. Tyson Fury (picture on the right) is known as the “Gypsey King” so he came in with a crown, robe and a royal cape,on a throne fit for a king as he entered the match. His song that was playing over the loud speakers was Crazy by Patsy Cline as it turned some heads because boxers come in to a fight with up beat music not Fury. Deontay Wilder came in with an all black suit to celebrate Black History Month where Automachine sang his song “They Came For Me”. Deontay Wilder “Bronze Bomber” says when he reveals his masks says that “When I have my mask on they are about to face the Bronze Bomber and when they take it off it shows my opponent who I am” 

Wilder vs Fury lasted seven rounds  where Tyson Fury TKO Deontay Wilder when Wilders team threw in the towel at the time of 1:39 left. What does it mean to “throw in the towel”? It means they surrender and that the opponent has won the match. The fight was one sided where Tyson Fury was throwing blows to Wilder where he knocked him down twice. Fury landed 82 punches out of 267 throws and Wilder threw 141 punches and landed 34 total punches. After the fight Tyson Fury sang “American Pie” by Don Mclean. Wilder can ask for a rematch to retain The WBC belt which will lead to WIlder vs Fury III.


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