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Times are always changing today, between the fashion, memes, hair and makeup, and of course the challenges. Challenges can make people do some pretty crazy things just to get those 5 minutes of fame. In 2014 the ALS Ice bucket challenge was everywhere on the internet. From youtube to snapchat. Over the years different apps, and influencers have made new challenges. Here are some of the most trending kinds. 

This challenge has been surfacing on TikTok as long as youtube for a while. It is when Someone puts their hands behind their back and has someone stand behind them and use their own hands to do some sort of task, such as makeup, eating, typing or even doing their daily routine. 

  • 100 Layers Challenge

The 100 layer challenge us exactly what you think it is. You put on something 100 times. This can be done with many many things but the most popular ones are, shirts/jackets and any type of makeup. This challenge does have some downfalls.

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Not only does putting so much makeup on your face clog up pores and could make your face break out. Putting 100 layers of shirts or jackets on can be overwhelming for your body. You could overheat, or not be able to take them off. There have even been some cases of people having to get them cut off. So if you do feel like you want to do this challenge, make sure someone if in just in case something goes wrong. 

This challenge is harder for a lot of people to do. It involves knowing people or finding people that speak different languages or have a certain accent. The whole point is for one person to pick a random word and everyone goes around saying that word in the language they speak. It is really interesting to listen to how different or similar each word is pronounced. You can go around multiple times with different words. 

The try not to laugh challenge has been around for so many years yet, it is still a thing today. The whole purpose is very easy. You are shown videos that are supposedly funny and make others laugh.You have to sit there and watch these videos but not show any sign of finding it funny. Sometimes it is impossible to stop yourself from laughing. 

  •  Part B Try not to Cringe
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Along with trying not to laugh there is also as try not to cringe, where you do almost the same thing but instead you can not cringe physically or make comments on what makes the video so awkward and uncomfortable. 

  • The Yoga Challenge 
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You might be thinking about when you did this at your friends house in middle school late at night, or you might be thinking about watching all your favorite youtubers doing it. Well either way, it is still one of the most trending challenges to be made. As many of you might know what it is here is a brief explanation for those who don’t. The yoga challenge is when you find/look up yoga poses for how many people you want (typically it is 1-3 people). You then try and recreate them on your own. This challenge has been shown to be hard considering the people who are demonstrating the poses are professionals and flexible. Most people will set up a timer or video of them and their friends doing them just in case they get it and so they have something to laugh at when they fall. One thing to remember is to stretch before because you don’t want to get hurt. 


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