Current Hair and Makeup Trends



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A cute bangs hair cut

Bangs have come and gone, many have a love/hate relationship with them. Now bangs are spreading like wildfire. So many different types of bands have become popular. Basic bangs that go over your forehead, split bangs , side bangs, and more. A ton of celebrities have been getting bangs and making them even more popular. 

Chop it off

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A short hair cut

We’ve all had our time of having a bob. Some of us have even gone to the extreme of cutting our hair to our chin. Shoulder length bobs have been popular, especially ones with layers. Bobs really are just more comfortable, you don’t have to worry that much about your hair. It’s easier to brush, to make into hairstyles, and to wash. They even feel lighter. So many people have been making, “the chop” to get bobs. 


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Popular style of barrette

Barrettes are usually associated with younger girls. However a lot of people in high school and older. They’re an easy and simple way to just clip back a peace of hair or add a pop of color to your outfit. VSCO has made this trend very popular. More mature barrettes have been made like ones with pearls on it, metallic design, or 3D designs. However the plain colored ones are usually a lot cheaper, and they work just the same

Head bands

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A headband hair style

We’re back in the 70’s with everyone wearing headbands. Now, I’m not talking about athletic headbands you keep your hair out of your face. I mean wire headbands for everyday outfits. Usually these are used to keep your hair back, but now they’re more used as an accent. People have been letting large strands of hair, or their bangs hang hand in front of their face. They’re really been used just to add a little more to someone’s hairstyle.


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Top knot

Small knots in our hair sucks to get out, but now larger knots that are used as buns have been a very popular hair style. Types of messy buns and top knots that involve looping your strands of hue through each other have been a easy hairstyle that’s been seen around. They aren’t as hard to get out as you think. The hair style is quick and gives a cute messy look.

So many more trends have been going around. Some are new and some have been renewed from the past. Most are stunning looks while others can stay on the runway. Colorful looks have been a large growing trend, and were not complaining.


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