Coronavirus Update

In other news concerning COVID-19, the virus has spread to Iran and reportedly infected Iran’s Deputy Health Minister. There are also fears that an Italian doctor in the Canary Islands is also infected. According to the Health Minister (Iraj Harirchi), 90 people in Iran have been infected with the virus and of those 90, 15 have died.

Iraj Harirchi ~~

A Harvard epidemiologist, Marc Lipsitch, has predicted that the coronavirus is uncontainable due to it’s ability to easily spread and carelessness among the human race. He predicts that within just a year, 40-70 percent of the entire population will be infected with the virus. The good news, if any, is that he believes that most of those who are infected with the virus either won’t show severe symptoms or won’t even show symptoms at all. But, that’s why he thinks the virus will infect so many people. He believes that there’s a huge population of carriers for the virus that don’t know they have the virus. Since they’re completely unaware, they can spread it everywhere they go, thinking they’re fine.

Marc Lipsitch ~~

Outside of China, Italy has been the most infected country in the world, as the coronavirus is rapidly spreading throughout the country, with around 300 cases. South Korea has also taken a major hit by the virus, as the infected population within the country had an one-day spike of 1,261 people infected. Of those infected include a United States soldier stationed in South Korea.

Coronavirus in South Korea ~~

Due to the virus, stocks have continuously dropped, as investors are afraid to invest in anything from fear that the coronavirus could affect the business they invest in. Due to the massive spread of the virus, there has also been an increase in discrimination against the Asian-American community. An example of this is the industry of Asian restaurants. Chinese buffets and Asian cuisine diners across the United States and throughout Europe are losing big business due to the fear of getting the coronavirus, even if the owners of the restaurant are completely safe and healthy. Some restaurants have taken an 80% drop in sales, posing risk for some of these restaurants to go out of business entirely.

An empty Chinese restaurant ~~

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